Vayu Cyclone Storm Live Updates News

Cyclone wind is rapidly moving towards the coast of Gujarat. Now its effect has started to look around the Mumbai coast. If there are strong winds in Mumbai then the trees are also falling there. Such vigilance has also been tightened. PM Modi also tweeted that all possible help was given to the state government.

Vayu Cyclone Storm Live Updates

In Gujarat, 51 teams of NDRF have been deployed, who are ready to face every challenge. It is estimated that the cyclone wind can hit the coast of Gujarat on a late night or Thursday morning. During this period, its speed can be 75 kilometers to a maximum of 135 kilometers per hour. The government has taken the initiative to deal with this cyclonic storm.
Vayu Cyclone

Before Gujarat, the impact of cyclone air in coastal areas of Maharashtra is being seen. A tree was crumbled due to strong winds in Mumbai this morning. A bike came under the tree. At the same time, the Deputy Director General of the Mumbai Meteorological Department has said that due to the cyclone, there will be strong winds in the coast of North Maharashtra.

Gujarat: Before the cyclone wind coming tomorrow, the winds of wind and the sight of the waves on the coastal coast of Porbandar. Gujarat's Disaster Management Authority says that 1,64,090 people have been evacuated from 10 affected areas of the cyclone.

The Central Government is monitoring the cyclone air. We are in touch with all the State Governments and other agencies including NDRF have been working continuously so be prepared for every possible help: PM Narendra Modi

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